Obama Wants Mom's Back To School – Here's How To Do It

I’m sure you’ve already heard that President Obama is on the educational front and helping mom’s go back to school with government assistance. Many people have head that he has increased the Pell Grant, but how do you get the grant? Is there a pre-requisite? Here is what you need in order to get help for going back to school.


How To Apply for Federal Assistance For Educational Purposes

The first thing to do is to fill out the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Go to your school counselor or go online to obtain an application. You will get a Student Aid Report (SAR) in return. In this you will see what grants you are eligible for. The Pell Grant is one of the grants listed in the SAR. Simply follow the instructions on the SAR to obtain the Pell Grant. Financial need for the Pell Grant is based on the institution fee for your choice school, your income and assets.For more information on the Pell Grant, go here.

Who Is Eligible For Obama’s Government Aid

All high school students are eligible as well as moms and single moms. This is a great opportunity for the working mom or for the mom who wants a better job. Getting a college education will open the doors to better jobs and careers.

3 Responses to “Obama Wants Mom's Back To School – Here's How To Do It”

  1. I am a single mom. I have attended Edgecombe Community College for a year. I am considered a half-time student because I help out at my son’s school. I am a volunteer, Parent Advisory Council President, on the Advisory Board, help with PTSO meetings and I do what ever I can to help the principal and all the teachers. I am classes for Education. I have wanted to go back to College for so long and now I am back and Enjoy it. I may take me a while but I plan to do well in all my classes. I think Mr. Obama is trying to help us mom’s who really are interested in getting an EDUCATION. I just to say thank you.

  2. Mildred W. Jones says:

    I am not a mom but would like to go back and complete my masters. My current job does not want to let me work part-time in order to meet my class schedule starting in late August. Is there any special assistance programs available for me?

    Thank You

  3. Michelle R. says:

    I am a mom that would like to go back to school, but in order to pay the bills I need my full time income. I can not work full time and pass my classes. Is there ANYTHING out there that can help me so I can cut back to part time and get my degree?

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